What our clients say about collaboration


Jessica and Lamar Miller, celebrity wedding in Miami

I am so happy I discovered Ivash and had the honor of using him as my wedding photographer!! I can’t put into words how happy I am with my pictures! I absolutely love every single one. His work is so beautiful & unique. I was blown away by the quality of my wedding photos.

He is able to capture the beauty of all moments... even the crazy party pictures were BEAUTIFUL!!!!! His creative eye is unmatched and it shows in his work. He’s not your average wedding photographer.. he’s special!

Thank you Ivash for everything. You were super easy to work with, communication was a breeze, and you made everyone comfortable! We were grateful to have you! I can’t wait to work with you again.

Arif and Nasima - Bengali wedding

Ivash was the photographer for our wedding festivities in Richmond, Virginia. He and his team were great to work with. Ivash is patient, responsive, proactive, and does high quality work. He has a keen eye for working with whatever surroundings, and even props, are available to him to make the perfect shot. For example, he found a tiny garden in the hotel grounds for our photoshoot that we were not aware of initially, and from the pictures one would think we were in a palace. He is flexible and able to respond quickly to the situation.

Our wedding had no planned family photo sessions, but we got all the pictures that we were hoping for. Ivash’s experience and instincts are clear from the quality of the photos. We received our edited photos about three months after our wedding, and the pictures were amazing. The cost for his team’s services was very reasonable.

I would highly recommend going with Ivash and his team for your wedding photography needs.

Bella and Robert - Portland wedding

Everything I could have asked for and more

By far the best wedding photographer out there! I can’t say enough good things about this team. They are so incredibly talented.

They spent so much time getting the perfect photos and creating the most magical moments. The photos and video they got are beyond breath taking and everyone I show them to agrees. Seriously having Ivash Studio was like a dream come true and they were affordable on top of it! I’ve worked as a wedding photographer myself so I have very high standards and I’ve seen some amazing work.

They are by far the best I’ve seen so far. They made my wedding day so fun and memorable. I would give them 16 stars if I could

Karim and Zahra - Cancun, Mexico

Captured so many fun and romantic moments

We chose Ivash’s studio for our destination wedding photography. Ivash and his colleague Petro managed travel delays and even changed airports to make it to our wedding just in time, and began shooting immediately after arriving to the resort!

They captured many candid moments and also directed our shoots to create high quality professional photos. Ivash has an eye for playing with light, shadows and reflections to create very unique photos, as well as capturing scenes of motion. They delivered same day edits effectively, and the rest of the photos and albums were delivered quickly and with high quality.

They are adventurous, avant- guard, professional and most of all passionate. Highly recommend!

Maria and Rodrigo - Garda Lake

It was a charming experience (and from my point of view is a good sign from the Universe too) to be photoshot on our wedding day by You! 
It looks like that not only a couple chooses the photographer, but he chooses you too. And like that it works completely amazing!
The weather in Verona and Garda, the atmosphere, love in the air and emotions, the team of Volodymyr - altogether worked out into just stunning
and to the moon and back romantic photos) 
I could not even imagine that for me and especially my husband would be so easy and natural to make so intimate photos in front of the people, we saw for the first time.
But from the moment Volodymyr and his great asisstants entered the room of bride- i was immediately sure- that it would be a great fun!

As we already got our photos and sent them around the world to our guests and relatives (Brasil, USA, UK and Russia) - I can say thank you not only from us personal, but from parents and grandparents as well (Can you imagine how precisely the photos were examined?)))

Thank you once again from all of my heart and I would definitely recommend IVASHstudio for such an events!

Elsa and Erik - Tuscany

The Perfect Photographer!

Having the best photographer to capture our wedding was very important to us. We scoured the internet looking for someone we thought would take pictures that were more than just portraits but rather could capture the essence of our wedding day. 

We had a small family wedding in Italy, as well as a small friend wedding in Greece. For both weddings Volodymyr arrived promptly, chose offsite locations for scenic photos, was flexible with schedule changes, and stayed throughout the night of festivities. He did a fantastic job capturing the intimate moments between us, the feelings of our loved ones, and details throughout the day. These two weddings had very different feelings but somehow Volodymyr captured the emotions and atmosphere of both perfectly. 

We are so happy with the work that Volodymyr Ivash and his team did for both of our destination weddings. What stands out the most about Volodymyr is his willingness to go above and beyond for the treasured shots that we will relish for the rest of our lives.

He knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to inform the photographed subject of what to do. He puts the people in front of his lens at ease through his calm demeanor and practiced skill. It is evident that he cares very much about his craft and continues to work to be better each day. We are so thankful to Volodymyr and his team for encapsulating the two most amazing days of our life. We highly recommend his photography services to anyone searching!

Anastasia and Joel - Lake Maggiore

Amazing experience!

After printing the photos of our wedding (there were more than 600) I could understand the importance and the sentimental value that a photo can have. And especially on this unforgettable day ?

I want to emphasize that this a great work of the team of our photographers IVASH studio which is full of funny, romantic and sincere moments because they have the ability to capture an image in a different way and make this a true art. In the end you run out of words from all your overwhelming emotions ?

I must confess that at first I thought it would be too uncomfortable to have so much attention from the cameras. But the boys are very friendly people with a great sense of humor that manage to create a relaxed and spontaneous environment so you’re even able to learn some words in Russian like "PALEHCHE (палехче)" hahaha ?

It is true that with their creativity and the charisma of the photographers we were able to enjoy the photo session going through so many places just in one day. 

Another very important thing that characterizes them is their professionalism - although it might be hard to believe in some moments these guys are like ghosts and you can not notice their presence. Only when you’ll start going through the photos you will realize that they managed to capture incredible and true moments ❤

Sincerely, I don’t have enough words to thank you guys for this talented work. We want to wish you a lot of success around the world, because no matter in which country you want to celebrate or what language you speak, they will simply arrive and let the magic flow✨

Olga and Fredrik Larsen - Fredkirstadt, Norway

The first thing, what we have done during preparing our special wedding day, was ordering the best photograph in our common opinion. It was important to us to find "our" photograph, which could "feel" us as a couple during the wedding day.

Volodymyr is REAL professional! He is kind and social. The most important that he could provide in pictures mood of the wedding day, our feelings, happiness and love. Also, he gave enough attention to everyone on our wedding day! We got a lot of pictures and every picture presents a part of the whole "picture of the day". We definitely recommend IVASH and wish him all the best! Kindly, Olga and Fredrik Larsen


‎Aaron and Elaine - Dominicana wedding

We actually met Ivash a few years ago at a cousin's wedding in Santorini, Greece. After seeing his photos and his work, we immediately knew we wanted Ivash to be our wedding photographer on our special day together. Once we finalized our destination wedding and venue, we immediately reached out to Ivash to book him. Communicating with Ivash was really easy! He was very responsive during emails and we were able to finalize everything after a few emails!

On our wedding day, Ivash and his team were amazing! They arrived at the venue on time and were phenomenal in their work. We felt like we were supermodels when working with him! Everything he captured on photo and video really reflected our emotions for that day -love, happiness and joyfulness. After our wedding, we had very high hopes for the images they captured.

We also had very high expectations as we knew what Ivash and his team were capable of. And needless to say, our expectations have been EXCEEDED by Ivash and his team. Each and every photo he captured not only showed the moment, but also captured our emotions, our feelings, and passion. Additionally, the video was also amazing! We didn't notice anyone doing video, but they were able to capture the most important moments perfectly! We were beyond happy with the results from Ivash.

Working with Ivash and his team were really easy and cool. His team were really easy going and knew exactly what they were doing. There's nothing we would have changed and would highly recommend anyone looking for wedding photography to reach out to Ivash!

Joanna and Michael - Asti, Italy

Thank you Ivash SOOO much for capturing all of the natural emotions during our big day so beautifully. You really surpassed all of our expectations.

Michael and I were very particular in the style of photography that we wanted and were opposed to the traditional wedding photography where every picture seems rehearsed and posed. You did an excellent job of directing us while allowing us to be our natural, silly selves. You were extremely professional while being comforting and warm. Thank you for being accommodating and extremely passionate about what you do as your pictures prove it. We can't thank him enough!

Olena and Cedric - Lyon, France

An artist !

Volodymyr has talent to take a beautiful photos but his best advantage is to understand what we like. He ask us lot of questions, discussed with us and feel us. As big professional, he knows exactly what he wants, where and how.
Punctual and invisible, his photos are stylish, design, in details with taste. He made us in certain spirit, without any stress, even in good mood! More than a good photographer, he is also a good person.

Thank you Volodymyr, I wish you to reach your goal, we know than you can do it.

Tatiana and Maxim - Vienna, Austria

Wir können Ivash Photography nur weiterempfehlen!!!!

Das Team und Vladimir selbst haben alles getan um den wichtigsten Tag unseres Leben noch besser und schöner zu machen. Es ist Ihnen auch gelungen!!!!! Das angebotene Foto Konzept war frisch und modern, genau das was wir gesucht haben.

Die Photos sind traumhaft schön geworden und das Buch schaut super aus. Wir sind sehr zufrieden!


Olga and Viktor - Como lake, Italy

У нас была свадьба 14.09.14 в Италии на озере Комо. Свадебный распорядитель порекомендовала несколько фотографов и видеографов. Как только мы увидели творчество Иваша, то сразу стало очевидно, что нам нужен только ОН!!!!! Его фотки действительно потрясны, это факт!!!!!! Еще не маловажным было и то какой он, как человек, ведь в день свадьбы волнуешься и важно, чтобы тебя не напрягали люди вокруг ....но и здесь звезды сошлись!!!!!

Иваш оказался творческим, но при этом легким человеком, в нем чувствуется внутренняя доброта, увлеченность своим делом....старательность, он действительно хочет чтобы все было круто и видит как это сделать!!!!! При первом знакомстве он сразу начал с комплиментов, что несомненно приятно и располагает, от него излучал позитив!!!!! Иваш.....спасибо тебе большое, за эти прекрасные моменты которые ты увидел и оставил в нашей памяти навсегда!!!!!! 

Robert and Yulia - Larnaka, Cyprus!

Words cannot describe how nervous and stressful my bride and myself was to the build up of our wedding, with lots to plan and execute, it was a lot of work-especially with multiple languages and cultures to consider.

So we was replying on a good, fresh, professional photographer and film crew to work with. I thought with everything going on they wasn't up to the task, but i was wrong, so wrong. Not only was there work, such interpretational it captured the beauty and emotion in everything, without showing the nerves.

They have brilliant and fun ideas. I knew, if i left them to there own devices, the work would not only be done, but done to the highest standard, and it was. They captured all our emotions, feelings and joy and we will only have this to Cherish for the rest of our lives. There costs do not reflect there work at all, they are cheaper than other competitors, and far supplier, i couldn't believe it when i first saw their work, but im a believer now. There work was so good, some of our guests was asking them for contact details. Anyway, im sure by now your reading this you get my point.

I just want to thank you for everything, you made me, my wife and our families extremely happy, we love your work, and look forward in the future to see you again, and use your services... who knows maybe for a christening

Natasha and Dima: Havana, Сuba

Случайное знакомство на просторах сайта mywed сразу предвещало авантюру! Общаясь с Владимиром, оба загорелись (я-невеста и он-фотограф) идеей впервые попасть на Кубу и запечатлеть контрастные просторы. Да, было много негатива на свадебных форумах, но Вова не побоялся "обещанных" проблем с проведением фотосессий на территории Кубы. За это-отдельная благодарность ему! Так получилось, что сначала мы отдыхали совместно с мужем и Вовой и так сдружились и раскрепостились, что два дня "работы" под чутким объективом профессионала прошли на одном дыхании. Впечатление было, что мы всего лишь прогуливались по Гаване, а незаметный объектив Владимира "подсмтрел" за нашими счастливыми моментами. Стоит отметить, что как только Вова берет в руки камеру, незаметный "включатель" поворачивается в его сознании и он абсолютно и полностью отдается работе. Спасибо большое за профессионализм и инициативность хоть и опасных но таких эффектных ситуаций для незабываемых кадров! Мы с мужем Дмитрием безмерно рады такой находке: друге и профессионалу в одном лице! Ура!

Almira and Sergey - Vienna, Austria

О Владимире мы узнале в интернете. Ознакомившись с большим количеством фотографов, доступных, на интересующие нас даты, мы сразу отметили работы Владимира: глубину чувств на фото, эмоциональность. Стиль фото Владимира покорил нас с первого взгляда и мы не медля связались с ним.

Непосредственно на фотосессии Владимир сумел создать правильную атмосферу и настроить нас на нужный лад. Мы быстро расслабились, втянулись в процесс и провели весь день, наслаждаясь каждым моментом. И хотя денек выдался тяжелым Владимир смог запечатлеть великолепные кадры, передающие чувства и атмосферу свадебного дня. Мы с радостью решили написать этот отзыв.

Спасибо ему большое еще раз за сохраненные воспоминания об одном из счастливейших дней в нашей жизни! Ура!!! :)

Nastja and Vova - Havana, Cuba

Вова, хочу поблагодарить тебя за твою работу!Ты занимаешь первое место в моем списке фотографов!Ты знаешь как зажечь,чтобы сделать шикарный кадр),знаешь как настроить на тот образ, в котором ты работаешь во время фотосессии.) Прекрасно обрабатываешь фото!!!Все фотографии,сделанные тобой, шикарны!

Всем рекомендую обращаться к нему,он поможет лучшим образом воплатить вашу задумку в реальность!
Вовка,спасибо тебе за фото,отзывчивость, искренность и улыбку!))) 

Iryna and Roman - Lviv, Ukraine

Улюблений ФотограФФФ!!!:))…

Майстру знімок знадобилось кілька хвилин, які видавались секундами при першій зустрічі, для того, щоб «відкрити», «зловити» і зобразити чутливо-реальні сторони «нас» на папері!! Креативний, прагматичний, чутливий, з почуттям гумору Фахівець своєї справи, який допоможе своїм "моделям" з легкістю відкрити ті яскраві сторони, які зазвичай в тіні, чи то приховані за маскою «буденного життя».. Майстер, якому довіряєш!!

Ти крутий!!! Дякуємо Тобі, Улюблений Фотограф !!!!!;))


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